hero_Shelter-2015 (1)
Image Source: Shelter Review

Why does a woman have to feel embarrassed to ask for a tampon or pad to protect herself from bleeding?

Speak Out for the Leak Out is dedicated to raising the awareness of hygiene for the homeless women.

Homeless women struggle each month with the lack of access to sanitary products, public friendly restroom usage and showers, increasing the risk of infections that weaken the immune system, potentially leading to the causes of cervical cancer.

This campaign believes that a difference can be made for the future of homelessness. Throughout the weeks of this campaign, you will see the alternatives to pads and tampons, the provision of bus showers for the homeless to maintain personal hygiene, the big ideas, values and movements that are here to help support the homeless communities, why the GST on sanitary products should be put to a halt, the stories of the homeless and possible solutions to end homelessness !

We hope that by the end of this campaign, we will be able to achieve the support of different organisations including some of the greatest including Share The DignityThe Sydney Period ProjectOne VoiceLava Mae and The Homeless Period, just to name a few.

With that said, stay tuned for more information on how you can help to make a difference by following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!


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