An uplifting solution for homeless women


Restoring the dignity in the lives of homeless women

Most of us take for granted the daily necessities of having a warm shower and changing into new clothes every day, but maintaining personal hygiene is one of the greatest challenges for homeless women.

The NSW Government approached a non-for-profit organisation known as OneVoice to transform state transit buses into a mobile shower service. OneVoice has recently provided homeless people with a mobile shower bus that allows them to shower, brush their teeth, change their clothes and most importantly, to restore their dignity. The mobile shower service can hold up to 2000 litres of water and can provide 40 hot showers a day, accommodating 15 people each time.

Can you already see how this will be the next refreshing solution for homeless women?

There is no need to queue up for hours waiting for a shower, no need to use public restrooms and no need to squeeze into the tiny cubicles at gas stations.

One Voice is making a difference for all homeless people by building relationships, offering mobile wardrobes, free haircuts and more! Homeless women don’t need to feel embarrassed or judged during their time of month (TOM) anymore with access to a clean shower and fresh clothes on the go.

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2 thoughts on “An uplifting solution for homeless women

  1. Hey there! This looks like a really awesome campaign 🙂 The reality is that there is still sadly a stigma around homeless women and this demographic is increasingly neglected in terms of social support and awareness. The SuperWomen Initiative is really concerned with combatting this issue – the number of homeless females in Australia is only on the rise with superannuation gender disparity remaining a grave issue. Please reach out to us if you’d like to collaborate or learn more about our cause!

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    1. Homelessness is often overlooked by the general public and that is why we are here to increase the awareness and hope to receive social support for the cause. Speak Out for the Leak Out would be more than happy to do a collaboration with the SuperWoman Initiative!


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