Funding sanitary products in public restrooms


Think about the women, not the money

Have you ever been in public and instantly felt that your time of the month had arrived? You panic and don’t have any sanitary products on you and run straight the bathroom to realise there are no pads or tampons dispensed in vending machines. What do you do then? Call or text a girlfriend for an emergency kit? Use toilet paper as a temporary fix and then proceed to purchase them at the closest convenience store?

There is often a solution for all us women but there are often limited solutions for homeless women. Feeling embarrassed and having the fear of being judged by the general public, homeless women often don’t get the luxury of phoning a friend or have a restroom equipped with all the necessary products to stay clean during their TOM.

Sydney City Councillor, Edward Mandla has constructed a proposal, allowing women to access sanitary products for free across all council restrooms.

Mandla stated, “city of Sydney is flush with cash and throws around money like there’s no tomorrow. There’s money for everyone and lots of talk about equality. But there’s little in practical leadership solutions.

Providing free sanitary products for homeless women is a low cost solution that we can all help to achieve in the near future.

If the votes are accepted to proceed with Mandla’s proposal, this can make a real difference for the homeless women being able to access public restrooms and gaining free access to sanitary items.

With the support of campaigns like Share The Dignity which was founded by Rochelle Courtenay to deliver sanitary products to homeless women and the survivors of domestic violence and Sydney’s Period Project which provides the care and support for homeless women by donating sanitary items, you can easily help out by donating your monthly sanitary products to either campaigns to make a difference.

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