The fears of being a homeless woman


Why do homeless women hide in order to find safety?

While there are countless homeless women living on the streets of Sydney, they are often victimised where the fear forces them into hiding, making them less visible to help. Strolling through the parks of Sydney, it is often difficult to find a homeless woman and one of the many reasons why this is the case is because they are hiding to find safety.

Why must they hide to find safety?

The top causes of homelessness arise from women experiencing domestic violence in the past forcing them to leave home, women who end up losing a job, depression or family problems, the involvement of drugs and alcohol and even the embarrassment of not being able to maintain personal hygiene.

Homeless women fear going to shelters as a result of men being present there, while they may receive health and social services, many women don’t end up showing up at the shelters or transitional housing programs that are made available to them. The reason for this is because some women have gone through the experiences of being raped or have gone through domestic violence which often triggers the most traumatic memories. By going to shelters, women fear that they may be potentially victimised once again.

What these homeless women need the most is a secure place to go to. It’s as simple as rebuilding their confidence by providing personal hygiene products, a warm shower and clean clothes.

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2 thoughts on “The fears of being a homeless woman

    1. There are stories where homeless women feel the need to sleep during the day so that they can stay awake at night in order to protect themselves. Shelters for women only is definitely needed!

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