Sharing The Dignity Comes Hand in Hand


Image Source: Richard Hamm Photography

Something so small can make a difference for women in need

In 2015, at least 75 women died as a result of domestic violence, one in four women have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence and 25% of homelessness has been a result of family or domestic violence. As mentioned in the previous week, this is something we are already aware of, being one of the top causes forcing women to leave home.

The non-for-profit initiative, Share The Dignity was founded by Rochelle Courtenay and launched this program to deliver tampons to the homeless women. Many women that she came across had experienced years of domestic violence without realising that a support line was available – 1800RESPECT. It came to her awareness that women had to be alerted in some way or another.

That is when the campaign partnered with Cottons (an established family business that offers synthetic products to ensure comfort in the most delicate area of the body) to raise the awareness for the hotline. They achieved this successfully by placing the 1800RESPECT number inside the packaging of tampons – it’s simple. Why? Because it’s a hidden spot men don’t often take a peak of.

Why is this vital for women?

“We need women everywhere to KNOW THE NUMBER in order to CHANGE THE NUMBER” – Rochelle Courtenay, 2016.

Lend a hand, be a Sheroe or Heroe and donate to Share The Dignity today!

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