World Homeless Day

Image source: Loaves and Fishes

Every year on the 10th day of October, it has been marked as the World Homeless Day. Homelessness is becoming increasingly problematic in all continents. This day has evolved to address the needs of homeless people from bringing communities together, to raising the awareness and supporting one another. As we’ve seen across the weeks of this campaign, homeless women in particular suffer not only from poverty but also from domestic violence, mental health issues, the lack of access to personal hygiene products and feeling the prejudice they face from the privileged classes. It appears that we are slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel where it is could be possible to end homelessness. But first, how can this be done?

Spreading awareness
As a united entity, we all need to help by raising the awareness on the issue of homelessness. Spread the awareness on the problems that homeless women face; from domestic violence to lacking the essentials of a warm shower or clean clothes to the mothers on the streets who struggle to care for their kids. We need everyone to support and make this a permeate change for the future.

Support services
On this very day, the theme of the World’s Homeless Day is to educate, celebrate and to highlight. With the support of services and organisations, a difference can be made to the homeless. This can be achieved by holding motivational talks by pointing out the positive steps that can be taken to show active participation, getting volunteers to work out how to improve the funds and donations that go towards the homeless and build an online community that everyone can access to become an active member of the campaign.

Stay tuned for more solutions to end homelessness!


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