10 Things You Don’t Know About the Homeless Part 1

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Envisage what could have gone wrong in the past

The next time you walk past a homeless woman, take the time to think about what could have gone wrong and how did they end up where they were. Rather than dismissing the homeless just because you think they’re failures or drug addicts which has become a misleading conception in this age. Let us reflect on some of the real stories behind each homeless person.

1. Not every homeless is a victim of poverty 
It is often perceived that the main cause of homelessness is due to poverty. That isn’t always the case. Have you ever thought of it being a case of suffering from a loss, mental health problem or re-adjusting to civilian life after a traumatic period in their life?

2. They could have escaped from an illness
For those living it rough on the streets, they have probably escaped a catastrophe beyond our imagination. For instance in the case of Natasha Lyonne, who was an actress in ‘Slums of Beverly Hills’ and ‘American Pie’ before being arrested for a DUI and was charged with mischief, trespass and harassment of a neighbour. These incidents then led to the hospitalisation of having a collapsed lung and hepatitis C. She was evicted and was left to live on the streets. Lyonne tried to revitalise her acting career in later years.

3. They could have been homeless children
We tend to associate homelessness with adults but little do we know that 43% of the homeless comprise of people aged under 24. Youth Homeless Aus is an initiative that aims to raise the awareness on youth homelessness and aims to break the stereotype. It is often easy to miss the younger ones living it rough on the streets as they tend to be out camping in cars or parks.

4. They may very well be a domestic violence victim
Domestic violence has been an ongoing and biggest cause of women becoming homeless. One of the most heartbreaking things to think about is that women have resorted to homelessness as an alternative to escape physical and sexual abuse.

5. They might not be able to pay rent
It is often assumed that homeless people decide to abandon everything they have at home to live a carefree life. With the increasing dollars placed on property in Australia, some just cannot afford to fork out more than half their yearly salary to pay for rent. This stands as one of the greatest problems as to why so many people are living on the streets.

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11 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About the Homeless Part 1

  1. This is a great blog post, im glad someone is trying to beat the stigma around Homeless and put those Myths to rest. At Street Allies we are trying to fight a similar battle. Feel free to check out our blog and our fight to protect and create awareness for LGBT homeless.

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  2. One of my close friends was actually homeless for a bit because of domestic violence and it’s so great that you wrote a bit about it. Not many people know that it’s a cause and an issue. Some might argue that being abused is better than being homeless but unless you’re faced with that exact situation, you never truly know or understand what these victims have gone through.

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    1. We are so sorry to hear about that. We hope that your close friend is doing okay. Not only are we here to support them but many other initiatives are here to help too. That is absolutely correct, it’s an issue that is often blindsided by the majority and we do talk more about domestic violence being a major issue that results in homelessness in our earlier posts. Sometimes, there is no way out but to leave and that is why 1800 RESPECT is a great hotline that can help with a focus on women in particular.

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    1. Thank you for your sharing your thoughts! It is just the beginning and we hope that as a whole, we can all combat the issue of homelessness in the near future by bringing to everyone’s attention of the typical stereotypes we associate the homeless with.


    1. Thank you! Yes that is right, we tend to walk past the homeless without thinking twice about their background or story which is quite sad.

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