10 Things You Don’t Know About the Homeless Part 2

Image Source: Smart Recovery Australia

6. They may have talent 
While there is so much stigma surrounding the issue of homelessness, it has been revealed on the streets that the homeless have far more talent than you really think they do. From speaking multiple languages to creating street edge art to hand crafting to being a graduate at university. Don’t hesitate to ask the next homeless person their life story, you never know what they might have up their sleeve!

7. They could be desperately wanting to get back into the game (society)
It’s always assumed that the homeless are lazy and don’t want to get back up on their feet to face the real world. This is definitely a false assumption. While some have sought different jobs, they were just not successful and were forced into their position. Sometimes, it’s just not a choice.

8. They may have been regarded as a criminal
Some women who desperately need sanitary products often go into supermarkets or a local gas station and steal pads or tampons. There have been cases where these women have been fined, making the case a criminal offence. Homeless women suffer enough as it is, why should begging and loitering be a criminal offence for them?

9. They may have left due to a natural disaster
Natural disasters are out of our hands. No one has control over what happens, it’s all climate change. From tsunamis, to fires to thrashed homes as a result of a tornado/hurricane have left many people homeless.

10. They could have been disowned by their family 
Mistakes happen and it’s for these little mistakes that children and young adults get abandoned and left to live on the streets. Can this be solved?

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8 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About the Homeless Part 2

  1. I never thought about number 9.. it’s so easy to lose everything all of a sudden without preparation and to noone’s fault. Everyone is quite supportive when it comes to natural disaster relief but then when victims become homeless because of it, it seems like a whole different story. Sad and it needs a change.

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    1. It’s definitely something we all tend to miss! Some are luckier than others and are offered help from families or shelters but some are left stranded. It is quite devastating and a change is needed.

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  2. It is so easy to judge homeless people as doing something wrong that have made them homeless in the first place. I found no. 10 saddening, sometimes its due to the individual’s own upbringing that causes them to become homeless, which may be completely not their fault at all. To be stripped of your bare neccessities such as sanitary pads, food and water as well as not having the security of your own home is not a way for humans to live.

    There needs to be social action for the wellbeing of homeless people, or the cycle would keep going.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Cynthia! It is quite sad that some people don’t realise the story behind a homeless person. It’s situations like this that can really bring them down but as whole commune, it is quite crucial to just simply ask “are you doing okay” and to help support them. For women in particular, it is quite difficult going through each month without the fundamentals of surviving the most difficult phases being their TOM. A change is needed and we definitely agree that social action should be taken for the wellbeing of the homeless.

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    1. Thank you! The stigma around the homeless is something that doesn’t often cross our minds and it is sad to think about. There’s a story to every homeless person. It’s great to see that everyone’s changing their stance on homelessness!


  3. This is such a good list – I get so infuriated when I hear my friends or the media say ‘why don’t they just get a job or get a home’ about homeless people. I have always tried to be non-judgemental as you NEVER know what situation or circumstances lead people to be homeless. It breaks my heart and I wish I could help out more

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    1. You hear it all the time and it surprises me that no one bothers to think beyond the ‘they’re just begging for money, they should be doing something with their life.’ You can definitely help out next time, don’t be afraid to ask about their story or even a small compliment to make their day!


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